About Bhuvi Realtech Real Estate

Let us get to know each other first. Well, if you’re engaging with us, we guess you’re seeking real estate agents. We are aware of how tiresome finding a realtor would be. We would say that you’re on the verge of reaching “The right place” and making “The Right Choice.”

We The Bhuvi Realtech real estate company is built into a Top-notch realtor in India. Bhuvi Realtech being the ultimate place for Real estate services is managed and directed by our industrious person, Mr. Sanjay Sharma. From the year 2009, we have labored enough to acquire reputation, respect, and excellence in the real estate field. We as a team have been careful in every step ahead, we believe that “Trust costs decades to Build, Seconds to Break, and infinite to repair”. So, we value the trust our clients have in us.

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To put our core services in a nutshell, Bhuvi Realtech actively engages in

  • Original booking
  • Selling a property
  • Buying a property
  • Renting a property
  • Home loan consultancy
  • Property valuation service
  • Real estate investment service
  • Leasing properties in Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR

Apart from these services, we collaborate with the builders and we arrange properties for different rates, launch, pre-launch, or even at post-launch rates.

Our Primary Motto

We strive towards building Trust, Leadership quality, and client relationships.

Our team never fails to attain customer satisfaction, which we consider as a ladder to success. We ensure to create customer satisfaction and trust organically by providing quality service.

Why Us

When a common man buys a property it might be a dream come true moment for him/her or it might be an achievement for him/her. To do business with the right property proper research must be undertaken, this is where a realtor helps out people.

We are the Top-realtors in India, having in-depth knowledge and expertise in our field and we provide a safe and risk-free space, where you can decide on which property to buy and which to sell optimizing your needs. We structure your investment strategies and we control and manage your portfolio aiming to provide you with the best returns possible. We provide a common platform for buyers and sellers to have a one-to-one meeting bringing in transparency. Moreover, we respect the needs of our clients and we deliver the same without profit being the primary motive. To make a profit is easy but to retain reputation and quality, work ethics has to be strictly followed.

Our Team

We have a competent team of employees who have worked in a smart way for our company, which has led Bhuvi Realtech to be a Leading Realtor Company in India. Our High-end team works with enthusiasm as they consider Bhuvi Realtech Realtor as their own! Like client satisfaction, we ensure Employee satisfaction to maintain quality, standard, and work ethics. We work as a family to maintain coordination and unity. We have got each other back at tiresome situations which satisfy an employee and a client.

Residential property

The wellness of nature, posh community, a happy home.

If you have dreamt of changing your lifestyle, moving forward in life, or experiencing community life, now is the right time! Hire the Top realtor for buying a new home. We provide feel-good residential services considering factors like optimising your finances, your need to evolve as a common man, and many other factors.

We cater multiple listing residential property services that include

  • Residential Apartments
  • Independent Floors
  • Villas
  • Plots
  • Service Apartments
  • Townhouses

Commercial property

Reputation, Profitability, and Familiarity for your unique business ideas and investments.

Reais Realtor helps you to get your best commercial space and succeed. We are proud to claim ourselves as the best commercial realtors in India. We have a fancy collection of commercial rentals that might interest you. Like residential spaces, commercial spaces have to be chosen wisely and we assist you in choosing how your best work environment has to be. With a knowledgeable team and frequent training which we provide, our team is qualified to assist in commercial property services. Knowledge in Tax and zoning laws, a history of market data, and financial analytics we proudly say that Bhuvi Realtech is the best one-stop location for your commercial property realtor services.

Commercial property services include:

  • Proper assistance in leasing
  • Guidance in selling or buying a commercial property
  • Investment consultancy
  • Services to rent a commercial space

All these services are catered to multiple listing commercial properties like

  • Office space
  • Retail properties
  • Industrial buildings
  • Multifamily
  • Hotels/hospitals
  • Mixed-use
  • Land
  • Special purposes